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Become self-sufficient. Produce your hot water with a heat pump!

by Media Xpose

Opt for renewable energy and get your domestic hot water from a DHW heat pump! A fully wired DHW heat pump is a fast, efficient, and futureproof DHW heating solution. The heat pump draws up to 70% of the energy required for DHW heating from the ambient air. To your benefit! The heat fed into the integral cylinder can cover all your DHW needs in your house.

Become more self-sufficient at home

Self-sufficiency in your own home is an important factor. You can take a big step in the right direction with this DHW heat pump for outdoor installation. Not only does it use renewable sources for DHW heating, but with its superbly insulated cylinder, it also achieves excellent output values. For you, that means hot water for a bath or shower whenever you need it – with low energy consumption.

Stiebel Eltron’s latest range of hot water heat pumps, the WWK 304 ZA, set a new benchmark for heat pumps in the Southern African markets. Not only are they great looking but there are many new innovations incorporated in the sophisticated design. Features include a maintenance free current impressed anode, active defrost for operation down to minus 5°C, the option to connect the heat pumps with solar PV systems and the ability to transport them horizontally.

Easy to operate and connect

A user-friendly LCD screen helps you operate the appliance. It shows you briefly how much mixed water is currently available. Put simply, the display shows how much hot water is still available for showering and bathing.

The display refers to a temperature of 40°C. A tank heated to over 60°C can provide more than 500 liters of warm water.

A perfect match: Solar PV and the WWK heat pump

What if you want to connect the heat pump to your photovoltaic system? Nothing could be simpler. The appliance comes with this option as standard, allowing you to make clever use of energy from the sun as well as the air.

SG (Smart Grid) Ready implementation of connecting the STIEBEL ELTRON WWK 304 ZA hot water heat pump allows for a higher water temperature and more hot water. The solar PV inverter can be connected to the WWK, activating a higher secondary water temperature set point when the sun is shining.

DHW heat pump for outdoor installation

Choose a powerful partner for your hot water: the DHW heat pump WWK 304 ZA. The compact appliance with stove-enameled metal casing is specially designed for installation in your garden.

The heat pump has been specially developed for the ambient temperatures prevailing in Southern Africa.

Trouble-free through the seasons

Although it is mostly warm in South Africa, there are days when temperatures drop to around freezing in some areas. A Stiebel Eltron hot water heat pump can make use of the ambient heat in the air even in temperatures as low as -5°C without a heating element.

The heat pumps have an active defrost function that can control any icing that occurs at lower air temperatures. The active defrost function will remove any hoar frost that occurs at the evaporator and then reverts to hot water generation mode.

The most important features at a glance

  • Compact series specially developed for outdoor installation.
  • High available mixed water amount and hygienic DHW temperatures > 61 °C in heat pump mode.
  • Categorized in the highest possible energy efficiency class for water heaters
  • Permanently high efficiency and safety across the entire service life of the appliance, due to spring-loaded roll-bond heat exchanger.
  • Reduced operating costs via intelligent interface to increase consumption of on-site photovoltaic energy.
  • Display of the currently available mixed water amount via the LCD screen
  • Highly reliable and cost saving due to the impressed current anode integrated as standard.

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