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AfriSam Roadstab Cement is a specialised, high quality composite cement engineered specifically for road stabilisation tasks. Available from leading construction materials supplier, AfriSam, this cement is designed to optimise the properties of soils used in road construction, notably by reducing their plasticity and enhancing their strength and stability.

The formulation of AfriSam Roadstab Cement aims to address the vital requirements of road construction projects by ensuring the durability and stability of road bases. The unique composition contributes to its efficacy, particularly in working with challenging soil types like clay. This addition not only improves the workability of the cement in various soil conditions but also facilitates easier handling and application during the construction process.

Stabilisation using cement also improves the properties of granular materials. When cementitious material is mixed with granular material in predetermined portions and is adequately mixed, compacted and cured, a bound material with significant strength is the result.

An important advantage of AfriSam Roadstab Cement is its extended open working times as it provides ample time for the proper placement and compaction of materials. This type of flexibility in the construction timeline is crucial for achieving optimal results in soil stabilisation, ensuring that the stabilised layers meet the required standards for strength and durability.

Tailored to meet the demanding needs of road stabilisation, AfriSam Roadstab Cement offers superior performance across a wide spectrum of road material types. Its consistent quality and ability to reduce soil plasticity make it an essential component for constructing durable and stable roads.

By enhancing the strength and stability of road bases, AfriSam Roadstab Cement plays a critical role in the longevity and reliability of road infrastructure.

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