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Luxury Tents, the Bushtec way!

by Media Xpose

The definition of a “building” is a structure with a roof and walls, such as a house or factory and the action or trade of constructing something.  Tents may only be seen as temporary structures, but with Bushtec Creations, our tent frames are constructed before the tent body is installed.  Our tents are completed with roof, walls and even hard doors and glass windows.

Looking for alternative buildings? Let us collaborate.

Luxury living has different meanings to many people. Gone are the days when people only stayed in hotels in and around the most breathtaking parts of the world. Being surrounded by luxury was all about the star rating of the establishment of your choice, the size of your room, and the amenities available when it came to traveling and holidays.

Infused with a passion for all things luxury, Bushtec Creations brings innovation and flair to the art of designing and manufacturing bespoke tented resorts.

We specialize in engineering and designing ultra-luxury safari tents and tented cabins, always thoughtful of the environments it will fit into, where luxury is having nature on your doorstep without having to compromise on quality, longevity, durability, and design. Combining our Bushtec Safari tents within a resort environment, Bushtec Creations can design and make provision for every requirement you can think of for your own award-winning resort. We create tented destinations where adventure and relaxation can be part of guests’ uninhibited experiences with MasterChef kitchens to create food fit for kings.

Backed by our own award-winning  factory, Canvas and Tent, we have over 1000 tent designs available to choose from.  With a variety of roofing options ranging from hyper tensile roofing to our ever-popular 4-layer roofing structures – customizing your ideal tented solutions have never been as easy!

Driven by our commitment to customer service and quality, it is our dedication to each project to ensure the end product is delivered flawlessly, with attention to detail at every stage of the process, from concept to completion. We source the best quality material and utilize the latest technologies in manufacturing.  Everything is done with a wealth of in-house experts ranging from a passionate workforce and talented teams consisting of our own engineers, architects, draftsmen, interior designers and project managers, aiding us in exceeding these objectives.

We have offices and partners in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Australasia and our bespoke products can be found on each continent. We have our own showrooms globally in the USA, Europe, South Africa and Botswana where clients can view some of our standard luxury tents. Suited for even the most remote locations, our tents are designed to fit into any environment, allowing guests to spend unforgettable nights under canvas.

Through Bushtec Safari and Bushtec Creations, we design to impress and build to last. If you can image it, we will create it.

Better, Best, Bushtec.

Contact us on info@bushteccreations.com | www.bushteccreations.com | 012-671 1117

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