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Master Builders Solutions providing Concrete Repair Solutions

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Master Builders Solutions has formulated a range of systems conforming to local and international standards that meet the rigorous demands of property owners, contractors and the ever changing climatic conditions and environmental pollutants encountered during the construction and repair of concrete structures.

Our repair and protection solutions extend concrete structure’s lifespan with safe and proven products that have been developed with the understanding of the chemistry behind the process of concrete degradation. The correct and timely maintenance of concrete structures is essential to guarantee they reach their designed lifespan. However, when deterioration does occur, a repair methodology should be applied taking into consideration both the environment and the causes of the damage to the structure.

Master Builders Solutions’ range of MasterEmaco repair mortars are formulated to resist cracking and to be compatible with the parent concrete of the structure. MasterEmaco products deliver excellent performance due to our understanding of the chemistry involved in the hardening of cementitious products and the incorporation of the latest advances in hydration control. Master Builders Solutions combines these advanced repair products with MasterProtect anti carbonation coatings, protective coatings and passive cathodic protection to create systems that help to reinstate the building’s original design characteristics and prevent further degradation. Our portfolio also includes sound solutions for rehabilitation of wharves, bridges, roads, tunnels, buildings as well as sewers and water retaining structures.

Master Builders Solutions Polymer based injection resin systems are designed for the repairing and sealing of cracks in concrete. Our Masterlnject  resins for structural crack repair are often used in conjunction with our MasterBrace or MasterEmaco products. The Masterlnject polyurethane and MasterSeal  acrylic injection resins are chosen for the control of active water infiltration and are used in conjunction with our MasterSeal waterproofing products.

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