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The perfect primer for better colour results: Plascon’s brand-new grey MasterPrep primer

by Media Xpose

Priming is key to a successful paint job — the difference between an unprimed or poorly primed surface, and one that is properly primed, is the difference between a problematic and an excellent finish.

Within 130 years’ experience in the paint industry, no one knows this better than Plascon. But Plascon also knows that priming can be a cost-heavy and time-consuming process. That’s why the coatings leader has created a new economy plaster primer that will save both time and money, while at the same time ensuring a bolder topcoat colour.

The water-based, low-VOC, grey plaster MasterPrep primer, which is available in 5 litres and 20 litres, offers a superior priming performance for new interior and exterior cement plaster, concrete, porous brickwork and various types of building boards. MasterPrep evens out porosity, providing excellent adhesion for the topcoat. It’s breathable, allowing moisture to escape, and it’s extremely quick drying, ready for an overcoat in an hour. These qualities not only enhance the colour and shine of the topcoat, they also reduce overall time and labour costs.

The grey colour of MasterPrep is a revolutionary choice from Plascon. Grey primer provides better coverage than conventional white primer, as well as hiding existing wall stains to prevent discoloration of the topcoat. Using a grey primer not only helps achieve better colour uniformity of the topcoat, it also means fewer coats are required to achieve the desired finish – yet another time and cost saver.

Suvasin Moodley, the Head of Decorative Marketing at Kansai Plascon, believes that MasterPrep is the primer the market needs. ‘There’s a sense of relief that comes with knowing that your primer is not only of the highest possible quality but also that your topcoat will have better colour accuracy,’ she says.

MasterPrep is a masterful combination of water-based priming technology and an innovative colour choice that will help clients achieve the perfect paint job.

For more information about MasterPrep visit plascon.com.

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