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ALL-DB: Reshaping Power Distribution

by Media Xpose

Allbro’s ALL-DB Domestic Distribution Board range is a groundbreaking innovation that is set to transform the landscape of home power distribution. It addresses critical safety concerns, embraces innovative materials and design, streamlines installations, and champions local production.

These distribution boards play a crucial role in managing electricity within homes and have traditionally been installed during the initial construction phase. However, with the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources and backup power systems in existing homes, there is a growing need for retrofitting distribution boards to meet modern demands. ALL-DB is designed to address these evolving needs by combining cutting-edge technology, safety considerations, and elegant design.

Safety is a paramount concern in any electrical installation, and traditional distribution boards embedded within walls benefit from the protection offered by surrounding structures. In contrast, surface-mounted boards made from conductive materials can pose shock hazards, while those using plastic materials introduce fire risks. ALL-DB stands out by utilizing Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), a robust thermoset material known for its superior insulation and flame-resistant properties. This choice of material ensures that installations are not only safe but also durable, eliminating the need for compromises between safety and practicality.

Furthermore, the rise of Direct Current (DC) installations, distinct from traditional Alternating Current (AC) systems, presents unique challenges. Detecting DC arcing, which can lead to prolonged and potentially hazardous conditions when near flammable materials, is a significant concern. The use of plastic materials in distribution boards can inadvertently fuel such fires. By opting for GRP in the ALL-DB range, Allbro effectively mitigates this risk, providing homeowners with a safer solution.

The ALL-DB range also introduces a streamlined design with minimal depth, departing from the bulkier designs of the past. While depth is not typically a concern during the construction phase, retrofitting demands a more compact approach. ALL-DB’s innovative design enhances both the aesthetics and practicality of distribution boards, aligning them with the requirements of modern homes.

Cable access is another crucial consideration in electrical installations. The ALL-DB range features an elegant cable entry system at the backplane, eliminating the hassle of looping cables at varying distances from the wall. This innovation ensures tidy installations and enhances the visual appeal of home power setups.

Beyond its technical features, ALL-DB reflects Allbro’s commitment to local excellence and sustainability. At a time when many technologies used in solar installations are imported, ALL-DB proudly stands as a locally designed, moulded, and manufactured product in South Africa. This showcases the nation’s growing expertise in the field and underscores the power of local production and innovation.

The ALL-DB range by Allbro represents a major advancement in domestic power distribution. This product not only signifies Allbro’s commitment to excellence but also its contribution to the broader goal of providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions to homes. The ALL-DB range is not just a product; it’s a testament to the power of innovation and local expertise in shaping the future of energy distribution.


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