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Appliances that are ahead of their time

by Media Xpose

Even the ultimate performance is nothing without long-lasting reliability. That’s why leading appliance manufacturer, Miele, combines constant innovation with expert craftmanship, and it is this meticulous devotion to detail that ensures that its appliances are built to last. Because longevity is the ultimate form of sustainability.

Johannesburg, 28 September 2022: Every high-end kitchen worth its salt should be equipped with appliances that make cooking, cleaning and refrigeration more efficient, convenient and sustainable. If you are after best-in-market quality, efficiency and durability, then look no further than leading German appliance manufacturer, Miele – a trusted brand that values quality, craftmanship and sustainability in everything that they produce.

Explains Miele’s Jon Molyneaux: “For Miele, every ground-breaking innovation is more than a cause for celebration. It is a challenge to create something even better. That’s why Miele crafts its own parts, forges its own iron, and even makes the machines that makes the machines! Because striving for perfection is in Miele’s DNA. We call this Immer besser, which directly translated means ‘Forever better’, and it is evident in everything that we do – from company culture, through to the way we manufacture products, our after sales service, and of course the products themselves.”

Proven to last

The world seems to be returning to old world values – looking to invest in products that are built to last. To ensure long-lasting quality, Miele premium appliances undergo up to 10 000 hours of testing to ensure reliable, powerful performance, and the ability to deliver impressive results for the equivalent of 20 years of use. In fact, 30% of Miele’s development time goes into testing to ensure the ultimate results, year after year.

Says Jon: “All of Miele’s products are designed for long-lasting performance – providing a level of quality and sustainability that makes an important counterpart to today’s throwaway culture. At the end of the day, consumers know that they can depend on a brand like Miele for long-lasting and efficient appliances – this not only guarantees consumers a huge return on their investment, but also the knowledge of a smaller environmental footprint, which is great news for the environment.”

Good for the planet

Longevity is the ultimate in sustainability, say Jon: “Imagine, instead of using many washing machines over a 20-year period for example, you can choose to use just one. One whose performance will still impress you years from now: using less water, less energy, less detergent, and still offering supreme end results. This would mean that you consume less, and that you can do lasting good for your planet.”

Sustainability is a core value of Miele’s, and as such its appliances are built to last for 20 years, explains Jon: “The more durable and long-lasting your appliance, the less waste goes into landfills. Miele appliances are also designed to offer best-in-market efficiency: all Miele appliances across all ranges are designed to use the least energy and water possible, without compromising on performance. Aside from the obvious green credentials of this efficiency, it also means that less of your money is spent on your utility bills, and more money is left in your pocket.”

The ultimate in craftmanship

Today’s kitchen appliances need to offer it all – they need to be efficient, durable, functional, and they need to look good at the same time. Says Jon: “With the rise in popularity of open-plan designs, kitchen appliances have become part of our living areas and so they need to look the part. Investing in a Miele appliance means that you are investing in the bet technology, sustainability, efficiency, and beauty that money can buy.”

Ever striving to always be better means that Miele consistently pursues perfection – from making their own arts, to building the machines that manufacture Miele appliances. A family-owned company since 1899, Miele continues to break ground with innovative features, state-of-the-art technology, and eye-wateringly beautiful design lines. That’s quality ahead of its time!

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