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Leading international bamboo composite building materials manufacturer Eva-Last are building for a greener future faster than its primary raw material bamboo takes to replenish!

The company supplies sustainable composite decking, cladding, architectural beams and railing made from recycled plastic combined with fast-growing bamboo to over 32 countries around the world. 

Demand is anticipated to accelerate even further as more and more designers, architects and specifiers begin to understand and accept bamboo plastic composites (BPC) as a viable construction alternative.

In 2021, the construction composite market was valued at $51.5bn and is expected to balloon to $72.5bn in the next five years. This is driven by increasing demand for lightweight, high strength construction components, coupled with the ongoing need to reduce maintenance costs and replacement, and adopt greener building materials.

“As awareness and appreciation of the positive impact of Eva-Last on sustainability and the environment grows, we expect to organically increase our market share and expand our distribution network,” says Nathan Chapman, VP Sales & Marketing and Co-Founder of Eva-Last.


Eva-Last’s proprietary production processes provide stylish bamboo composite building materials to beautify the built environment whilst simultaneously preserving the natural one.

Their commitment to responsible consumption and production sees them continuously developing eco-friendly products that both reduce deforestation and actively eliminate the plastic waste plaguing the planet. 

From the outset in 2006, the company decided to manufacture their first range of decking products using composite materials including recycled plastic. 

“We felt strongly about the need to reduce our use of wood and protect our natural environment, and so our first range of European wood plastic composite (WPC) decking was born,” recalls Marc Minne, CEO and Co-Founder of Eva-Last.

“Inspired by Nature, Designed for Life”, Eva-Last’s range of composite decking – Pioneer, Apex, Infinity, and Eva-Tech – provide the look and feel of timber decking, without denuding the earth of trees or our precious oxygen supply. More than 2,358 rainforests have been saved to date, while over 71,2 tons of plastic are recycled annually.

“Our vision is to provide sustainable building materials that enhance both the built and natural environment for current AND future generations,” says Minne.

“We aim to do that in the most environmentally responsible way and minimise our carbon footprint while we’re at it,” he added.

In a move towards clean, renewable energy, the company installed over 22 858 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels at their international factory. The panels generate over 44 000 KWh to power their energy-intensive extrusion process, saving over 2 000 tons of CO2 emissions daily.


“We’re always on the lookout for renewable inputs or new technologies that can improve our operations and offerings, while protecting the environment wholistically,” explains Minne.

When Eva-Last discovered the outstanding sustainability credentials of bamboo coupled with its superior performance characteristics, the company quickly switched to producing bamboo plastic composite (BPC) rather than wood plastic composite (WPC).

Bamboo grows fifty times faster than hardwood trees and releases 35% more oxygen, while boasting less than 2% of waste compared to only a dismal 13% utilisation of wood and added-value timber.

As a grass that requires no pesticides or harmful chemical fertilisers to grow, bamboo replenishes itself within 3-5 years. With over 1 250 species worldwide it is an abundant resource, in comparison to the diminishing timber species such as Cedarwood that can take up to 50 years to regrow.

“The concept of fibres as a reinforcing material for construction is nothing new,” assures Minne.

Bamboo fibre’s inherent tensile strength – the resistance to being pulled apart – is higher than steel’s and can withstand compression better than concrete. Its natural thermal properties avoid temperature extremes in either extremely hot or cold climates. Providing an abundant and replenishable reinforcing raw material with exceptional performance characteristics – when polymerised with recycled plastic, bamboo composites outperform natural timber. The composites offer high impact resistance and superior dimensional stability, limited moisture absorption, biological resistance to insect or environmental degradation, as well as added strength and extended durability. Longer lifespans mean less replacement.


Eva-Last constantly champion R&D to drive expansion and product development.

The versatility and profusion of recycled plastic – known as the seventh resource – coupled with bamboo’s performance characteristics make for unlimited product development opportunities.

“Over the years, we’ve refined our products and processes as new technologies or efficiencies emerged,” comments Chapman. 

Their popular decorative cladding range, VistaClad features an innovative clip-lock technology that the composite board profiles clip into for an instant, lightweight installation.  Their innovative hollow-core Lifespan hybrid aluminium architectural beams create dramatic architectural features such as pergolas, porticoes and screening to easily transform exteriors.

“Not only have customers come to appreciate our ranges’ advanced technology and convenience, but we’re also able to customise colourways and finishes to suit regional preferences,” adds Chapman.

From the fire-rated Apex decking range – particularly pertinent in areas where the risk of fire is a concern – to water-resistant, insulating cladding for wetter environments in the latest fashionable finishes such as Carbonised Osage, Charred Cedar or Swedish Oak, Eva-Last pairs innovation with customisation to meet the specific demands of different territories. 

With Sustainability, Innovation, Accountability and Customer Excellence as core values, Eva-Last are poised for unprecedented growth and their green shoots will no doubt blossom in years to come.

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