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Dean Munsamy is the newly elected President of SARACCA

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Joy! Having enough time and freedom to live your life and enjoy the journey of your story. This includes love, life, family, making memories, friends, community and work.” This is the  newly elected President of SARACCA Dean Munsamy’s idea of success.

Dean Munsamy is the newly appointed president of the South African Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SARACCA). Munsamy’s appointment commenced at the end of last year, and is a result of a fruitful career in the HVAC+R industry which began in his early twenties. The newly elected President of SARACCA attributes this appointment to having a vision and working to make his dream a reality.

Upon his new appointment, he expressed gratitude to his late wife, Joelyn Rose Munsamy who “always believed in [him] no matter what challenge [they] faced and his mentor, the late Peter R. Hamilton.

“Peter is a legend in the HVAC+R industry, and he taught me everything I know about our industry. He was my mentor and friend. Sometimes when life got a bit too much, he was there with the right words, help and advice.

“A few years ago, Peter joined me at AIRE-ZA (Pty) Ltd; this made me so proud. Most significantly, I want to thank my wife, Michelle Munsamy and our girls, Dani, Izzy, Abby & Taty, for their love and support in all I do.”

The President of SARACCA reflected on the day he first considered becoming the President of the association after his first SARACCA Kwa-Zulu Natal Branch meeting. 

“As Peter drove to the meeting, I asked what SARACCA was about, and he explained… His response to my interest in SARACCA was, ‘Dean, if you are that passionate about the HVAC industry and want to make sure people are trained then you will one day be President of SARACCA.’

“I was in awe at Peter’s response. I was 21 then, and here’s my boss telling me I’ll be President of my industry. Later that afternoon after the meeting I asked Peter,  ‘Where do I start to become President?’ he replied, ‘Well, you’ve already started; you attended your first branch meeting and wouldn’t shut up, asking so many questions whilst the beer got warm, lol!’ That was Peter. Peter saw it, I dreamt it and worked towards my goal, and today it’s my turn, proudly so, Dean Munsamy, President of SARACCA!”

In his new role, he endeavors to use his 25 years of experience working for the association to tend to the following:

  1. Placing SARACCA in the marketplace as an industry authority.
  2. Nurturing the strength and presence of SARACCA to members and consumers.
  3. Growing membership of SARACCA.
  4. Continuing to champion training in all SARACCA regions, ensuring the occupational health and safety risks are observed.
  5. Commercial items on Munsamy’s agenda include the following:
  6. JBCC contract
  7. SEIFSA main agreement – wage rates for general workers
  8. SAQCC Gas registrations- addressing practitioners and workers in the industry to comply with industry standards and regulations.

As a family oriented man of God, Munsamy prioritizes his relationships and lending a helping hand. He spends his leisure time with his family watching movies and documentaries; doing charity work; and engaging in storytelling.

To the younger generation with an interest in the HVAC+R industry, Munsamy encourages working smart, continued education and humility, among other antidotes.

“ Always put your hand up to help and take every opportunity to be part of the story and the journey. Don’t just chase money. Work where people care about your growth and where opportunities present themselves. You are your only competition. Be respectful and show respect to others you work with.”

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