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Enza Construction and Tractionel Enterprise Drive Infrastructure Development in South Africa

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Enza Construction, a leading player in the construction industry, and Tractionel Enterprise, a wholly owned subsidiary of Enza, specialising in electrical infrastructure, proudly announce a collaborative effort to address South Africa’s future capacity challenges and expand into renewable energy initiatives, alongside the rehabilitation of the nation’s rail infrastructure.

This drive  brings together two industry giants, leveraging Enza’s two decades of construction expertise and Tractionel’s four-decade-long legacy in delivering robust electrical infrastructure solutions. With a combined experience spanning over 60 years, this partnership is poised to offer unparalleled synergy and become the preferred infrastructure solution provider in South Africa, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth.

One of the key milestones of this collaboration is the successful completion of Scatec’s Kenhardt solar and battery storage facility, a project valued at $1 billion. This achievement underscores the group’s commitment to pioneering sustainable energy solutions. Building on this success, Enza and Tractionel are set to embark on the Ummbila Emoyeni renewable energy project, a 900 MW hybrid energy facility, marking their inaugural collaboration in the renewable energy sector.

In addition to renewable energy, the Enza Group  is deeply invested in revitalizing South Africa’s rail infrastructure, with Tractionel leading the charge in refurbishment efforts. From the PRASA Moloto Rail Corridor to projects in Pretoria and Johannesburg, Tractionel’s expertise ensures the restoration of critical rail systems, reinforcing their role as the backbone of the nation’s integrated transport network.

Looking ahead, the group aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in energy transmission, particularly through Eskom’s transmission incubation program. As one of the few approved companies for this initiative, Tractionel is poised to facilitate the construction of transmission lines, both domestically and internationally, further expanding the group’s capabilities and reach.

Commenting on this integrated approach, representatives emphasized the importance of private sector involvement in driving infrastructure development. With Transnet’s transition towards private partnerships, Enza and Tractionel are well-positioned to contribute their expertise and support the nation’s infrastructure objectives.

As the group ventures into new territories, it is committed to strengthening long-term funding relationships and engaging at an equity level to ensure the sustainability of its capital structure. By sharing risk with our partners  and providing comprehensive solutions across the value chain, Enza and Tractionel aim to deliver cost-effective solutions that drive South Africa’s future growth.

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