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Enjoy the best view of the city or countryside and maximise the panoramic possibilities of your project with the latest composite decking technology from Eva-Last.

Whether it’s a viewing deck on the ski slopes of St. Moritz or a safari lodge in the Serengeti, Eva-Last’s advanced decking will turn your vision into reality without limitations.

The company supplies sustainable composite building products and accessories to over 32 countries internationally, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional building materials. Eva-Last composite decking materials offer a lightweight, sustainable decking solution in a variety of easy-to-install profiles.

Designed to withstand temperature variations and seasonal weather, composite decks are extremely resistant to damage from exposure to the elements and insect infestation. Whereas timber decks can fade and warp over time, with proper installation and minimal maintenance, Eva-Last composite will outlast their natural predecessors.

Engineered for peak performance, Eva-Last’s Apex range of foamed-PVC bamboo composite boards recreate the natural beauty of wood in profiles that are easy to install and designed for low-maintenance durability.

The new Apex Plus glass-fibre reinforced (GFR) range extends all the advantages you’ve come to expect from the Apex range, but with added tensile strength and flexibility – ideal for specifications where extended span and structural support are needed.

“Apex Plus represents the latest innovation in our material technology,” says Marc Minne, CEO and co-founder of Eva-Last.

The reinforced glass-fibre (GFR) core adds superior dimensional stability and strength to board profiles. This prevents buckling, warping, or bowing typical over large installations. Specifically designed to provide a simple, secure, and stylish finish for those expansive spaces, Apex Plus is available in a grooved profile designed for streamlined installation using Chain collated clips. This innovative decking material is also available in a square board profile for breaker boards, trims, or stair edges.


Temperature extremes such as excessive heat or cold have been known to cause cracks and damage to the surface of wooden decking over time. Dry cold climates increase contraction and decrease durability, whereas hot humid conditions encourage expansion.

The constant expansion and contraction affect the lifespan of any deck. This can be further exacerbated by moisture, damp or humidity. Therefore, climatic conditions play a critical role in decking installation, ensuring sufficient gap allowance for expansion and contraction of the deck boards.

Now, thanks to advanced structure of Apex Plus, you get a more stable board with less movement from expansion and contraction which ultimately means you get a more durable and longer-lasting deck!

Eva-Last continuously review and renew their product offerings and production processes, incorporating the latest materials and innovations to improve their product portfolio. 

We’ve really listened to the different demands of our various territories to develop a solution that meets those specifications,’ says Nathan Chapman, VP Sales & Marketing and co-founder at Eva-Last.

“’Apex Plus not only provides an attractive, versatile, and workable deck, it is specifically designed to provide increased span and structural integrity necessary for larger installations,” he explains.

The grooved profile fitted with the Chain collated clip system is engineered to accommodate natural expansion and contraction, no matter the weather condition, whether it is the hottest month experienced during an Australian summer, or the coldest European winter.

Apex Plus has a protective acrylic polymer coating that provides UV-resistance to prevent sun damage, fading or discolouring over time. What’s more, it’s highly engineered capping provides slip resistance for a safe surface area and basic cleaning is all that’s required to ensure optimal performance and longevity, backed by an outstanding 30-year warranty.

Overall, Apex Plus offers a highly advanced decking option that is safe and reliable in all weather and environmental conditions. Make the ultimate statement in sleek, sustainable, and sophisticated style for your outdoor deck or patio with Apex Plus from Eva-Last.

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