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EZ Glaze Upgrade DIY: How to Build a Lean-to Pergola

by Media Xpose

Sleek, modern transparent roofing can add a touch of sophistication to any patio or garden deck.

To give your pergola roof a glass-like look, without compromising strength and durability, EZ Glaze may be a suitable solution for you. This article explains how to plan and how to build a DIY lean-to pergola using EZ Glaze glass-like polycarbonate panels.

Let’s take a quick look at what makes EZ Glaze so unique:

  • Seamless, glass-like finish that creates an elegant and distinctive look.
  • It requires a frame without purlins, so you can save materials, time, and money.
  • Installation is easy and safe. Fits directly over the rafters, with minimal fixings.
  • 3mm thick panels of solid polycarbonate. This means strength, durability, and superior wind and hail resistance.

As users have said in their reviews, EZ Glaze offers excellent value for money. Stylish, practical, and cost-effective roofing of premium quality.

Get Practical: Build a DIY Pergola with EZ Glaze Panels

Roof Frame Guidelines

  • Roof slope of 5% or more, for proper drainage
  • Rafter spacing is 600mm, center-to-center
  • Fixings spacing is 500mm

Material Requirements

  • EZ Glaze panels, cut-to-size
  • Friction reduction tape
  • 6.5mm/50mm screws, 25mm EPDM gasket
  • Self-tapping for wooden rafters
  • Self-drilling for metal rafters
  • Flashing

Required Tools

  • Electric drill with a 10mm drill bit
  • Electric screwdriver with a 3/8” hex head bit
  • Utility knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Marking pen
  • Ladder

What Rafter Type to Use with EZ Glaze?

Rafter width should not exceed the width of the panel’s corrugation ridge.

If you use EZ Glaze 60, get 40mm-60mm wide rafters.

For EZ Glaze 50 use 40mm-50mm wide rafters.

EZ Glaze suits both wood and metal rafters.

How Many Rafters do We Need?

You can use this formula to calculate how many rafters you need:

L = The length of the roof in millimeters.

S = Center-to-center spacing of the rafters in millimeters.

The total number of rafters needed is equal to (L / S) + 1

Here’s a practical example with EZ Glaze:

We plan a lean-to pergola, 3.6 meters long.  L= 3,600

Center to center rafter spacing is 600 millimeters. S = 600

The total number of rafters needed would be (3,600 / 600) +1 = 7 rafters.

What is the required roof pitch?  

EZ Glaze roofing sheets need a roof pitch of at least 10% rise for proper drainage.

For example, if our pergola roof runs 3,000mm, a rise of 300mm or more would clear rainwater efficiently.

How to Control Thermal Movement Friction?

Apply friction reduction tape along the top side of all the rafters. It accommodates thermal movement between the roof panels and the rafters. Add the total length of all the rafters to figure out how much friction reduction tape you need.

How Many Fixing Fasteners Needed?

The spacing between fixings should be 500mm.

Determine how many fasteners needed for the pergola roof using this simple calculation:

Multiply rafter length (in meters) by 2, add 1, and round up or down if needed. Multiply the result by the quantity of rafters, and you got your required number of fasteners.

Back to our example:  7 rafters, approximately 3 meters long

Number of fixings per rafter: (2 * 3+ 1) = 7

Total number of fixings required: Multiply 7 (fixings per rafter) by 7 (number of rafters).

You will need 49 fixings.

How Much Overhang is required?

A typical overhang for EZ Glaze roofing panels would be 50mm-150mm over the edge of the rafters.

This will provide effective protection from rainfall and will not cause excessive wind drag.

Flashing Profiles for EZ Glaze

It’s a smart idea to rainproof your pergola roof or awning. You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space all year round and keep your garden furniture safe and dry.

For lean-tos and awnings, use wall flashing.

EZ Glaze panels may need to be trimmed to fit tight corners. Use side wall flashings in such cases.

It’s time to get the job done.

Thanks for reading! We hope you have gained some valuable planning insights. Taking on DIY home improvement projects is exciting and rewarding. For more roofing ideas to brighten up your home.

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