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Find hygge in the home with Plascon’s winter palette

by Media Xpose

In keeping with Plascon’s 2023 theme, ‘Bringing it Home’, this year’s colour trends are looking inwards to our homes, family and friends. Summer saw sun-drenched naturals beaming their way onto our walls, while autumn brought transitional emotions to life with decorative pastels.

Now, as temperatures drop, Plascon is introducing its Graphic palette, comprising a combination of monochromatic urban hues and sleepy darks that engender feelings of comfort and serenity.

In search of wellbeing, we look closer to home: to our native environment, our culture, our loved ones, and of course ourselves. This approach echoes the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’), which is, in essence, fostering qualities of cosiness and comfort to enhance our wellbeing – think cosying up under a down duvet while rain patters on the roof, reading a book next to a roaring fire, or warming our insides with a steaming cup of tea.

Plascon’s new winter Graphic palette features a selection of cool neutrals, distinct contrasts and rich pigments that foster this harmonious hygge-full environment without forfeiting bold design potential.

Set the tone for the season with an assortment of gentle neutrals that provide the ideal base for interiors. The cooler grey and ivory hues of Lagoon Mirror (3), Geneva Morn (51) and Mandarin Tusk (49) mirror the frost and create tranquil, sophisticated atmospheres, while mellow Bleached Baobab (Y2-C2-2) with its beige undertones brings warmth from the winter sun inside.

Rich, deep blues like Ocean Melody (B6-D1-2) lend an indulgent feel to interiors, making you want to curl up and snuggle, as does the smoky and beautiful Steamy Shadow (P3-E2-1) muted purple that emulates a dusky sky just before it goes dark.

Meanwhile, for those drawn to the bold, a combination of the robust Red Flame (R7-A1-1) and the almost-black Phantom Ship (60) delivers a sharp graphic edge amid gentler hues.

To bring hygge to life, play around with these combinations of versatile neutrals and eye-catching tones to create the perfect balance between comfort and excitement. As the Danes would say, find the extraordinary in the ordinary!

For free advice on how to use the Plascon 2023 Colour Forecast or any other Plascon colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: ColourAdvice@kansaiplascon.co.za. Visit plascon.com for more information.

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