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Flow partners with ooba Home Loans to supercharge developer marketing efforts

From left: Gil Sperling and Daniel Levy, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders

by Tia

Flow, a leading innovator in automated social media advertising solutions, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with ooba Home Loans. This collaboration represents a game-changing opportunity for property developers, providing them with a unique advantage to expand their reach on social channels to a hyper-targeted audience.

People spend an average of three hours on social media per day, with 70% of users returning more than once per day, making social media essential for real estate marketing. Flow’s advanced adtech platform creates automated, branded social media adverts that are not only automated but also intelligently placed for maximum impact. Its ability to deliver advertising to precise audience segments empowers developers to optimise their marketing efforts, ensuring every interaction counts and facilitates return on investment. In turn, this should reduce media spending waste.

Flow’s latest partnership with ooba Home Loans allows property developers to reach more buyers than they have before. Developers can enhance their advertising efforts and automatically advertise their listings across Instagram and Facebook, reaching a high intent audience exactly where they spend their time. In addition, powerful retargeting capabilities enable them to leverage their own audience like never before. Flow also ensures that data privacy and compliance are taken care of – removing the worry and burden for developers.

“Flow and ooba Home Loans have an aligned vision of enabling and supporting developers in every stage of development sales and marketing. We strongly believe this unlocks a strategic advantage that is unmatched in the market,” says Dan Levy, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Flow.

The partnership between Flow and ooba Home Loans offers the option to tap into layers of different audiences. The segmented audience is not only retargeted on social media, but it’s also enriched with Flow’s audience, which includes home buyers and sellers, and ooba Home Loan’s own audience that includes people in the bond application journey, who will also benefit. Through these layers of audiences, developers can now reach even more people who are likely to buy.

According to AdRoll research, the average Click Through Rate for retargeted adverts, like Flow produces is 10 times higher than non-targeted adverts, while META data indicates that conversion rates go up by at least 50% when using customised audiences and first-party data.

“We are excited to join forces with ooba Home Loans. Our collaboration will expand reach and return. It’s all about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time, and this partnership is an example of the potential to revolutionise the way developers engage with their audiences, while boosting activity in the real estate industry overall,” Levy concludes.

For more information about Flow, visit: https://flowliving.com/

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