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Fluss is launching the next wave of IoT solutions. 

by Tia

Fluss, the company that brought you the popular access control device and cloud-based service, is proud to announce its newest IoT product: Fluss+. 

The latest Fluss product brings all the convenience that came with the original that was used to access homes, businesses, gyms, estates and complexes millions of times in the last year. Fluss+ continues to allow users to manage access from anywhere in the globe and brings with it all the advantages of WiFi connectivity; real-time access logs, integration into existing smart home and facility management platforms and complete remote control transcending physical boundaries. 

Fluss+ still retains the resilience of the original load-shedding friendly product, making sure users are in full control even when there is no power from the grid. 

Fluss not only delivers off-the-shelf products available at major distributors across South Africa and beyond, but also works with businesses to develop bespoke solutions. 

One such example is GEM Link, a recent collaboration with Gemini Automation Systems, a trusted brand with nearly four decades of experience. 

“In collaboration with Fluss, Gemini Automation Systems is proud to introduce the Gem Link app, enriching the functionality of Gemini gate motors and exemplifying the synergy between two leading South African companies dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Philip de Wet from DMI ENGINEERING. 

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in the electronics, software and IoT space, Fluss is a South African company with offices in Gauteng and the Western Cape and is currently growing its diverse team and fine tuning its pipeline to help build the next wave of robust IoT solutions that not only work well in the African market but offer competitive advantages on a global stage. 

“We are excited to unveil Fluss+ and GEM Link, representing the culmination of extensive research and development of our pipeline and engineering processes,” said Ockert P van Zyl, co-founder at Fluss.

“As the IoT landscape continues to evolve, Fluss remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Watch this space.” 

For more information about Fluss and its innovative IoT solutions please visit www.fluss.io or contact Fluss on +2761-538-3180.

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