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Gas is the Winner in Efficiency and Accessibility

by Media Xpose

A local start-up in the gas industry has recently made it possible for over 25000 South Africans to purchase gas at any desired quantity. This is just one of the many ways gas consumers can easily access this reliable energy source. When it comes to domestic use, home cooks can rejoice when preparing food with gas. It takes about 3 times as much energy to produce and deliver electricity to your stove! It is the clear winner in the energy efficiency battle between gas and electric when cooking. For many South Africans, gas is an implementable energy source in their homes and businesses which combats surging energy bills. This is very real when considering the recent rejection of the national electricity utility’s request to hike tariffs by 38.1% for 2022-2023.

Gas’s superior efficiency and accessibility is obvious. So how can you start full utilising gas in your home or business? Safety is key. That’s why the South African Qualification and Certification Committee (SAQCC) works tirelessly to keep growing higher levels of competency and compliancy in the gas industry. As a non-profit company, it was formed to establish a central data base for registered and authorised gas practitioners to work with gas and on gas systems. SAQCC Gas believes South Africa needs more awareness on gas-work competency and safety. By registering, gas practitioners ensure home and business safety and that every employee gets home safe too. SAQCC Gas provides gas practitioners with the latest regulations, receive training and the competency they need to remain safe on the job and support the safety of our communities.

Any consumers utilising a gas system in domestic, commercial, industrial or specialised capacities must be sure to only make use of registered gas practitioners. Responsible home and business owners should have legitimate Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) for their gas systems as well as regularly have inspections to avoid being caught off guard when selling or if there is a costly fault due to poor maintenance. Consumers can ensure a CoCs authenticity by verifying that the gas installation matches the association, e.g., LPGSA for LP gas installations. Registered gas practitioners can now efficiently and seamlessly provide electronic CoCs by using the SAQCC Gas mobile app.

Whether you are a consumer or gas practitioner, you can do your part to increase awareness of safe gas use and installation. The 4 member associations who form SAQCC make it simple for the consumers and practitioners to report incidents or installations that do not meet current regulations. Registered gas practitioners always have the experience, competency, equipment and knowledge to do the work safely the first time. Be cautious of the fastest and cheapest quote! Your own and others’ wellbeing is worth more than saving a few extra rands. If you suffer losses due to non-compliant gas work, insurance companies may not cover fire or public liability claims caused by non-registered persons.

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