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Get FREE Tractor Service Parts with John Deere

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  • Get John Deere 5D and 5E 3-Cylinder Tractor Service Parts for FREE if the respective part number ordered is not available within 24 hours from the closest John Deere South African Dealer within your province.
  • This offer is valid from 01 December 2022 to 31 May 2023 (excluding weekends and public holidays).
  • This offer is valid only to South Africa and on selected service parts when ordered directly from your local John Deere South African Dealer branch.

John Deere Africa Middle East announced that a selection of their service parts on the 5D and 5E 3-Cylinder range tractors will be FREE if that respective part ordered by the customer is not available at their closest Dealer branch within 24 hours. The offering is available to South Africa and the closest situated John Deere Dealer branch to the customer’s operations. This program is applicable only to normal working days and excludes weekends and any South African Public holidays.

This program will be valid from 1 December 2022 and continue up until 31 May 2023.

Why This Program?

John Deere understands the importance of profitability and the impact downtime can have on an operation. Ultimately, their goal is to increase productivity and efficiency by helping farmers maximise the performance of their tractors through the availability of service parts.

Which Tractors Apply?

This offering is available on the following tractor models:

5D 3-Cylinder Tractor

  • 5045D

5E 3-Cylinder Tractor (old)

  • 5303E
  • 5403E
  • 5503E

5E 3-Cylinder Tractor (new)

  • 5055E
  • 5065E
  • 5075E

Which Parts Does This Program Cover?

The offering applies to the following 31-Part numbers:

Part NumberPart Description
AT171853AIR FILTER                
AT171854AIR FILTER                
CJ18482APLUS-50 ENGINE OIL – 5L        
R503808DRAIN PLUG                
R515195DRAIN PLUG                
RE195491AIR FILTER                
RE198488AIR FILTER                
RE282286AIR FILTER                
RE282287AIR FILTER                
RE45864OIL FILTER                
RE508953FUEL FILTER               
RE508954FUEL FILTER               
RE519626OIL FILTER                
RE60021FILTER ELEMENT            
RE62418FUEL FILTER               
RE68048AIR FILTER                
RE68049AIR FILTER                
SU29300FILTER ELEMENT            
SU29301FILTER ELEMENT            
T19044OIL FILTER                

The Terms and Conditions

This program is not open to resellers and is restricted to registered owners or direct employees only. This program is also restricted to the machine’s next service (no bulk purchases allowed).

Reimbursement to customers is limited to the 31-part numbers indicated above and does not apply to the entire order/service kit, only to the respective part number not available.

Online ordering of parts through parts.deere.africa OR Agmarket is excluded from this program.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

Find Out More

For more information about this offering, contact John Deere at africa@johndeere.com or your local John Deere dealer.

About John Deere

With a rich history of more than 140 years in South Africa, John Deere is a trusted, world-renowned leader in producing turf, agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery solutions with state-of-the-art precision technology. With its continued focus to strengthen its presence throughout the Africa Middle East region (“AME”), John Deere AME serves its customers through more than 196 dealer touchpoints across Africa Middle East and support its Dealer Network with a Regional Parts Distribution center in South Africa as well as sales and marketing offices in South Africa and Kenya.

Committed to delivering a distinctive customer experience coupled with solutions-driven advice from its authorised dealer network and John Deere Financial Solutions, John Deere AME promotes food security while actively driving a successful and inclusive agricultural community whilst supporting the growth of Africa via its construction and forestry solutions.

With core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation, John Deere AME remains dedicated to the success of its customers, to those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world’s dramatically increasing need for food, clothes, shelter and infrastructure.

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