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Ground-breaking Structure Fabrication Inspired by the Everyday

by Media Xpose

Imagine if constructing your next large structure fabrication was as easy as building Lego blocks? Industry innovators have made this possible with a seamless combination of 3D design, laser cutting technology and computer numerical control bending. This Modular Intelligent Component Design and System Assembly (MICSA) is developed by Turnkey Modular. The company specialises in the off-site production of modular solutions containing fully integrated processing, energy and power solutions.

These local pioneers believe new shouldn’t mean complicated. Traditional models of fabrication predominantly rely on standard sections. This lack of customisation means that the design must be translated by highly skilled artisans into complex components. A manufacturing process which is prone to human error and often requiring extensive, expensive and time-consuming quality control measures throughout the fabrication process. Over the past 7 years, Turnkey Modular has developed MICSA to ensure accuracy and robustness every time. It is efficient and infinitely scalable manufacturing using innovative technologies to mitigate delays due to mistakes or calling in specialised artisans. The results speak for themselves. Shorter construction periods, quicker installation and a modular solution that works in any location—no matter how remote or hostile.

Tronox Incorporated is an international chemicals and mining company who recently collaborated with Turnkey Modular for two modular units in South Africa. Heavy minerals concentrate from the KwaZulu Natal Sands Mine in Fairbreeze is transported to the Central Processing Complex in Empangeni, where it is fed into furnaces to form TiO2 slag and pig iron. There was a need for ROM booster substation consisting of a transformer bay, switch room and HVAC section. Additionally, Tronox required a flocc plant substation housing a switch room complete with variable speed drives and motor control centres. Turnkey Modular designed, fabricated and delivered to site units which were completely commissioned and ready for operation ahead of schedule. Traditionally for this type of project, site installation and commission can take anything from 1-2 months. In contrast, Turnkey Modular’s time on site simply involved supervision for off-loading and the plant was installed in less than 48 hours.

The Lego-like assembly process guarantees superior reliability, accuracy and repeatability when compared to traditional large structure fabrication. Through leading 3D design capable of finite element analysis, Turnkey Modular meets each project’s individual needs with optimal structural elements made from flat sheet metal. The technique has allowed for the building of fully compliant blast-rated structures, especially in oil and gas fields, with reduced amounts of steel reinforcing. MICSA also allows for the housing of a wide range of technologies that can be quickly and reliably deployed. It’s easily repeatable for large-scale production of multiple units which is not bound by human resources. Turnkey Modular’s CEO, Warwick Jackson, amounts their successful reputation to challenging convention with proven systems. “It’s a homegrown solution which develops the local capability and economy,” he says.

The advantages of these off-site modular solutions versus on-site construction are unprecedented. South African industries can immediately take advantage of flawless assembly, shipping and delivery of a modular solution that is globally unique.

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