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Gyproc South Africa launch their *toughest RhinoBoard®

by Tia

South Africa’s leading plasterboard brand, Saint-Gobain Gyproc RhinoBoard®, have developed their toughest plasterboard to date – RhinoTough® – which is set to shake up how things are done in the lightweight construction industry.

“We are very excited about our new RhinoTough® board,” says Asaad Manjoo, Product Manager (Plasterboards) at Saint-Gobain Gyproc SA. “Having been developed and produced within South Africa, we are able to substantially reduce supply lead times, and with no emissions from shipping. But our real achievement is how these new boards will be used within the market as we make our way into the residential sector, helping to significantly reduce long-term installation costs and improve quality of living.”

RhinoTough® 12.5 mm is a plasterboard with a high strength gypsum core for superior fixing strength, toughness, and durability. It can support as much as 12 kg off a single full thread wood or chipboard screw, which makes it ideal for fixing larger heavier objects such as flatscreen TV’s, shelving and cabinets, and paintings to name a few. RhinoTough®’s unique performance includes a maximum system of 120 minutes for fire rating and a 52dB maximum sound insulation as better acoustics assist in lowering stress levels, improving sleep patterns and speeding up the recovery process from an illness.

“The high strength RhinoTough® boards are ideal for frequent high traffic areas where chances of accidents or misuse are high, so not only are they great for at home where you might want to hang heavy fixtures, but they are also ideal for use in retail, hospitality, hotel, apartments and data centres,” explains Asaad Manjoo. “The new makeup of the board also means that no wall anchors or plates are required when needing to hang items from them.”

Good news for the construction industry is that the RhinoTough® boards are much lighter than other boards currently on the market, meaning that transportation costs are reduced significantly reduced.

“The new boards are also able to be installed up to three times faster than conventional building methods and technologies and are a great space saving solution which is a vital component of office blocks and residential flats, where space is at a premium,” explains Asaad. “Our RhinoTough high performance systems have a cavity, which can accommodate services and insulation, with electric cables and plumbing (MEP) being easily integrated without the need for time consuming wall modification. Openings for sockets or light switches do not require any special tools and can be done with a hand or circular saw. The boards are ready to paint, once all board joints are treated, leaving a smoother quality surface finish.”

The new RhinoTough systems comply with the South African National Building Regulations, with fully certified test reports for fire, acoustic, robustness and certificates available.

Are you ready to use RhinoTough® for your next project?

For more information please visit www.gyproc.co.za

*Toughest plasterboard is based on locally manufactured boards in South Africa

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