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by Media Xpose

The trend to pay closer attention to sustainability and eco-friendly living has amped up in recent years, not only overseas, but also in homes throughout Africa.

Home owners appear to be taking greater pride in the appearance of their homes and gardens and there is a growing inclination for consumers to purchase biodegradable products and packaging, rather than plastic, for home care improvements. “We at Fibertex believe it is important for every one of us to be eco-friendly and to positively influence the future of the planet by making better choices. We are in the midst of a global climate crisis that has been accelerated by not taking enough care of our planet. There have been too many years of over-consumption of unrenewable goods and burning of fossil fuels,” says Sefton Fripp, Managing Director, Fibertex South Africa – part of Fibertex Nonwovens, leading manufacturers of nonwovens and performance-based materials. “If we work together to make eco-friendly choices that are not harmful to the environment, we’re sure to preserve our world, improve the quality of life for us all and also reduce waste.

“Fibertex – which is committed to the development of eco-friendly solutions for homes and gardens – offers simple, yet effective products for multiple drainage, filtration, separation and containment issues.

“The locally manufactured Fibertex Universal DIY geotextile material has been designed to keep driveways, gardens, patios and ponds in pristine condition and free of weeds and invasive plants. We say “no” to toxic materials and for this reason this product is gaining popularity to keep homes and gardens looking good and to minimise maintenance, without the need to use chemicals. One of the problems associated with toxic products is they seep into the soil and can eventually be ingested by humans and animals.”


Benefits of using eco-friendly geotextiles

Fibertex Universal geotextiles have many benefits for the home-owner. These include acting as an effective separation barrier between sand and stone to prevent intermixing of layers and as a separation and filtration layer in subsoil drainage systems.

Fibertex Universal materials are also used as a stabilisation fabric for under-paving to prevent sagging and rutting of driveways and as a filtration fabric installed behind retaining walls to avoid loss of the retained soil through the facing.

Filtration features of these geotextiles allow water to pass through the fabric and hold soil fines to secure the structure. Another important application for this material is use as a separation geotextile for root control. Unsightly, annoying roots, destructive ants and sagging paving are no longer a problem for home owners and commercial property management teams.

Easy Weed control

Fibertex Universal materials inhibit the growth of weeds in a garden, ensuring better conditions for flourishing of utility plants. This durable fabric, which is permeable to water, air and nutrients, is the ideal solution for a well-proportioned and clear bordered lawn.

Adieu to the ants

It’s also now easy to avoid having ant hills on the patio, terrace or walkways. The Fibertex Universal material deters ants from removing sand from beneath a pavement, which over time leads to wobbly paving. This fabric secures and stabilises a beautiful terrace and can also be used for perimeter drains, fascines and stone drain.

So, in a nutshell, the main reasons for choosing eco-friendly home and garden products are they are safe, versatile, easy to install and offer long lasting solutions, with minimal maintenance requirements. This means home-owners can relax over weekends and enjoy the beauty of a well kept driveway, terrace and garden beds, instead of having to work hard doing repairs.


These quality materials offer consistent performance for many years and mostly importantly, do no harm to the environment.

Fibertex Universal rolls are available from leading DIY and hardware stores throughout the country, in both 1 m x 10 m and 1.3 m x 10 m sizes. For user convenience, these handy home and garden products are easy to install and can be cut to the required dimensions simply by using scissors.

The Fibertex team works hard to protect the environment by incorporating sustainable products and practices into every customised solution.

Visit https://www.fibertex.com/products/home-and-garden for more ideas and information, as well as practical installation guidelines.

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