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In Melville, Region F, the vision for a vibrant, functioning and attractive Main Road that considers the needs of all users is being realized.  

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) completed the Melville Activity Street Public Environment Upgrades (PEUs) and place-making interventions to optimise the functionality of the precinct.

The Melville Precinct is well-known for hosting diverse young people and bringing vibrancy to Johannesburg. It also offers guesthouses, restaurants, bars, and antique, specialty, and thrift shops, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors.

Located near the University of Johannesburg in Auckland Park and Wits University in Braamfontein, Melville is jam-packed with student life that accommodates all lifestyle preferences – offering a youthful and artistic feel.

The upgrades formed part of the Melville Auckland Park Precinct (MAPP) aimed at sustainably enhancing the area through the identification of catalytic projects for the Melville – Auckland Park Precinct.

The overall project objective of the Melville Activity Street PEUs entailed activating pedestrian mobility around the Melville Precinct along Main Street, between Kingsway Avenue and 6th Avenue.

The urban design interventions comprise the land use strategy that promotes:

  • Mixed land uses,
  • Support of a public transport arterial,
  • Traffic calming measures that include a green island,
  • Pavement upgrades, pedestrian movement, marked intersections,
  • Repositioning of the bus/ taxi stops, and other public environment upgrades.

The aim of these interventions were to include pedestrianizing and landscaping elements to Main Road that will be pleasing for residents and other users as well as attractive to investors. Additionally it aimed to create the right environment for development along Main Road.

Activities that occurred in this phase included the:

  • Increase of pedestrian friendly elements to the street
  • Landscaping through greening on sidewalks and provision of an green island in the middle of Main Road
  • Improvement the public realm through aesthetic upgrades (pavement upgrades, lighting etc.) and
  • Improved functioning of the infrastructure through bulk infrastructure upgrades

“The safety of pedestrians has specifically been an issue along Main Road. Many students use this street to navigate the precinct to access retail, business, residential, and office spaces,” JDA Executive Manager: Project Implementation, Mr Siyabonga Genu said.

“Melville Activity Street PEUs project is firmly in line with the City’s commitment to creating liveable, sustainable urban environments, in which residents are able to navigate safely and efficiently,” he noted.

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