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Maximise Comfort, Minimise Costs: The Power of Energy Efficiency for Your Home

By Carol-Anne Grimshaw, Sector and Market Intelligence Manager at Saint-Gobain Africa

by Media Xpose

Constant loading shedding leaving you out in the cold – insulation could help!

The electricity crisis in South Africa has made a consistent and reliable supply of electricity a top priority for many homeowners. In response to this crisis, it is now more important than ever to promote household energy efficiency, as this is a meaningful solution to reduce the country’s consumption of electricity. By using energy-efficient products and practices, households and businesses can reduce their energy consumption, helping to ease the burden on the country’s electricity supply.

One way to improve energy efficiency in the home is through the use of insulation. Between the roof, walls and floor, a home can lose up to 70% of its temperature and about 40% though its ceiling. By insulating your ceiling you are able to slow the heat loss in your home, making your home up to 5 degrees warmer in winter and saving up to 16% in electricity costs.

When choosing insulation for your home, always try to choose a product that is environmentally friendly, made from naturally occurring raw materials and recycled items, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. Your insulation should also provide excellent acoustic properties. This will reduce the noise both within the house and also reduce the amount of noise coming into your home from the outside world, helping to create a more peaceful and relaxing environment.

In conclusion, promoting energy efficiency is crucial to respond to the electricity crisis in South Africa. Investing in energy-efficient products like Saint-Gobain Aerolite® Soft Touch glasswool insulation not only helps to reduce energy consumption and improve the overall comfort of homes, but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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