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Paintsmiths passion for the environment reflected in eco-friendly & non-toxic paint ranges

by Justin

When it comes to selecting paint for your home or office, there is so much choice that making the final decision can be difficult. Paintsmiths is known for pushing the boundaries in product development and has made significant gains in environmentally conscious technology and the aesthetics of its coatings offerings. We talked to Elna Wessels from Paintsmiths who offers some insights.

Paintsmiths offers a full range of eco-friendly, non-toxic paints, not only for finishing top coats, but a full range of primers too. These products fall under the Midas Envirolite Range. All top coats in this range, for example, Midafelt 225 (matt finish), Midalux 240 (satin sheen finish), etc have zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and contain no lead.

Paintsmiths also have an entire range of specialized textures and finishes that have these qualities. These paints fall under the Earthcote range, with products like Pandomo, Limestone, Granite, and Worn Leather, to name a few. 

“Earthcote has become a very popular product to create stylish and unique feature walls,” says Wessels.

Choosing an eco-friendly and non-toxic paint

Wessels emphasises that it is vital to look at the level of VOCs in the paint and to get as close to zero VOCs as possible, as these are the ingredients (e.g. Formaldehyde and Glycol) in paints and other materials that have an adverse effect on human and animal health.

All Midas Envirolite products are approved by the Green Building Council and are used in 5-star Green Buildings.

Wessels says that Paintsmiths’ paint chemists have been able to adapt as they learn more and more about the negative effects some chemicals have on the environment. They can then remove these harmful chemicals and yet, make a paint that is as durable, if not more so, than the previous products manufactured. 

Interior paint colour trends for 2022

According to Wessels, for 2022 colours, comfort is key.

“We want our living spaces to be calm and to help us rejuvenate but also to rediscover our zest for life. Paintsmiths has learned through the decades that colour is as personal as a person’s fingerprints and that goes for regions as well.  What works in Ballito is not necessarily the colour that works in Centurion.  Paintsmiths’ colour palette forecast is therefore unique for each region. However, the general theme is ‘calm and bold’.”

Calm neutrals and bold accents

In a countrywide survey conducted by Paintsmiths at the end of 2021, it was revealed that the most popular colours fit into two categories across all regions – calm neutrals and bold accents.

Geneve from Paintsmiths Kramerville recommends ‘Almost There’ for a comforting neutral palette, complimented by ‘Fruit Brown’ – inviting nature into the home and office environment.  Add a pop of colour with ‘Mystique‘ and ‘Peppercorn‘ for that forward-looking local resilience.

Carl Bruckner, owner of Paintsmiths Kramerville, Sandton advises that ‘Intense Teal’ is the colour to keep an eye on.

Matthew Macloud from Paintsmiths St Francis and Port Elisabeth, and Mark Joubert from Paintsmiths Longbeach, agree that Greys still play a dominating role in terms of palettes for 2022. Popular greys include Millstone, Nguni, Hello Grey, Filament, Arniston White and Almost there. ‘Dirty’ pastels are also gaining popularity.

Sasi Paton from Paintsmiths Durban says that in her region, she can summarise the colour palette in three words – Ocean, Bush and Sand. Examples of this for neutrals include ‘Almost There’, ‘Bleach washed table’, ‘Arniston White’ and ‘Millstone’. Accent colours include ‘Hoop Iron’, ‘Scaffold plank’, ‘Mystique’ and ‘Peppercorn’.

Paintsmiths stores are located throughout South Africa and each store is privately owned and managed.

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