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Prefabricated Megastructure in Sasol Secunda Sets a New Standard for Off-Site Construction

by Media Xpose

Prefabricated deployment, a construction process where building components are pre-built off-site in a controlled factory environment, is rapidly gaining popularity due to its many advantages over traditional on-site construction. Companies like TurnKey Modular are pioneering new fabrication methods for off-site construction and have extensive experience offering diverse prefabricated deployment solutions underpinned by technical innovation and a client-centric focus.

Recently, TurnKey Modular was tasked with designing and constructing a prefabricated solution for Sasol South Africa’s coarse ash dump project. The project required two modular structures, one of which is an 86-tonne building that is 8.5 meters wide by 20 meters long. “In terms of weight and area, it’s probably the biggest unit that we’ve done,” says Darrin Day, TurnKey Modular Operations Manager. The building holds both medium voltage and low voltage switching equipment, switching panels, DCDVs, and battery tripping units ACDB. Additionally, it has a segregated fire and explosion-resistant battery room to ensure optimal safety, as the oil and gas industry has stringent regulations which need to be adhered to. For instance, batteries in the room need to be “intrinsic safe”, which means that should there be a spark or flame, it’s all kept within an enclosure that won’t ignite any gases that may occur in the battery room. This is the third unit of its type designed by Turnkey Modular for Sasol South Africa.

What also sets TurnKey Modular apart is its commitment to safety consciousness. The company conducts meticulous route surveys and uses engineering expertise to ensure that big loads are transported safely. For instance, on the CAD project, a D9 dozer was riding behind the truck just in case it began sliding. This level of safety consciousness was also evident in the design of the buildings, which were carefully assessed after being assembled in a fully operational state inside TurnKey Modular headquarters in Germiston, Johannesburg.

The beauty of off-site construction is that the buildings on-site in Secunda look exactly how they looked on the Turnkey Modular floor. “We stood it in the shop with all that handrails, walkways, legs, everything,” adds Day. Before being loaded onto the truck, all the small components were removed and then sent separately on a truck. The substation is fully operational and tested before leaving the factory, and the only thing that needs to go in when it gets to site is the cables that go in and out.

Prefabricated deployment is the future of construction, and companies like TurnKey Modular are leading the way. They redefine what’s possible for off-site construction and ensure that every project they undertake is done with the utmost safety and precision. The CAD Project is an excellent example of their technical innovation and client-centric approach, and it’s no wonder that they’re quickly becoming the go-to company for off-site construction solutions in South Africa.

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