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Skyscreen Alu 3%: The World’s Most Technologically Advanced Window Blinds Fabric.

by Media Xpose

The only fabric that reflects up to 85% of heat outside the room.

Newly launched in South Africa, this remarkable fabric is produced by Junkers & Müllers Technical Textiles in Germany. Both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, this fabric has so many exquisite technical properties that Architects and Interior Designers are specifying it for residential as well as commercial applications. With unique and superior heat reflective properties, overall energy costs are reduced. Fire retardant and capable of ensuring that there is sufficient privacy, the fabric still provides the user with a beautiful view through the window. Exclusively distributed by Luminos Blinds, this product is available in 8 neutral colours ex stock.

Skyscreen Alu 3% conforms to the SCS Global Services Indoor Advantage Gold standard that can contribute to credits in sustainable building certifications such as LEED, DGNB and BREEAM. All Junkers & Müllers fabrics are manufactured without the addition of substances that might be a health hazard such as formaldehyde, CFC, solvents, lead/cadmium/quicksilver compounds. All products are PVC-free.

Junkers & Müllers Technical Textiles: An effective interplay of technical innovation and technological implementation

Junkers & Müllers Technical Textiles is a world leading producer of window blind textiles that conform and, in many instances, exceed specifier’s needs.  Based in Monchengladbach, Germany these textiles are more than just consumables. They are a statement of functionality, aesthetics, quality and sustainability. 

About Luminos Blinds                                                                                                          

With over 26 years of experience, Luminos Blinds – situated in Kwazulu-Natal – has a long history of perfecting window blinds and shutters. Up to date technology is used in all areas of production, from sourcing materials, motorisation systems and components to finishing them to your individual specifications. We offer Architects, Interior Consultants and Green Building professionals, products that have technical qualities to control light, heat, sound and hygiene. As members of The Green Building Council of South Africa we are fully aware of the needs of society to ensure that our environment is preserved and saved from harmful products. Luminos maintains an exclusive trade relationship with Junkers & Müllers GmbH.

Luminos Blinds, South Africa’s most innovative Window Blinds Manufacturer.  



  • One of the world’s most technically advanced fabrics.

  • For the first time, silver reflective vacuum backed fabric is available in 290cm width.

  • Manufactured by JM Technical Textiles in Germany.

  • Available in 8 versatile colours.

  • This incredible fabric delivers unbelievable properties to ensure that window blinds form part of an Architect or Designers arsenal to bring buildings into the green age.

  • PVC free manufacture with zero lead or similar harmful products.  It also ensures that re-cycling or up-cycling is easily initiated.

  • With just a 3% openness factor glare is no longer a challenge.

  • This outstanding view-through fabric perfectly ensures that the occupants of a building feel the uplifting emotions of being outside.

  • At night there is sufficient privacy to make the occupants feel comfortable and not overly exposed.

  • By vacuum coating the fabric the fabric retains its crisp vibrant colours

  • Being only 270grams per square metre allows for very long drops as well as ultra-wide blinds. Perfect for small recesses.

  • This fabric achieves an incredible 85% heat reflection on some of the colours…. Till now an unheard-of feature.

  • Very little heat dissipates through the fabric, one of the lowest thermal emissivity products.

  • This fabric is guaranteed for 5 years.


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