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Submersible and centrifugal pumps: Wacker Neuson has ‘All it takes’ for superior water management solutions

by Tia

In a market inundated with such a vast range of choices, Wacker Neuson stands head and shoulders above water with its comprehensive range of superior quality, ultra-reliable pumps for fast and efficient water management.

Wacker Neuson, a globally renowned name in light- and compact equipment, is proud to highlight its advanced pumping solutions, designed to tackle the toughest conditions across Sub-Saharan Africa. “Engineered for the effective management of clear water, water with some solid content, mud, and slurries, Wacker Neuson pumps are a testament to our commitment to product quality, reliability, and efficiency,” says Stefan le Roux, Wacker Neuson Sales Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa. “Manufactured from superior quality components to endure the rigors of the African landscape and designed for almost every scenario, our pumps are more than just equipment; they are lifelines for the agricultural, mining, quarrying, and construction sectors.”

The company’s robust pump line-up of submersible, clearwater, and trash pumps is tried, tested, and proven across the Sub-Saharan region. Wacker Neuson’s pumps are ideal for a wide range of water drainage applications such as water removal from flooded mines, construction and quarry sites, pond drainage, and more. Le Roux adds that these pumps’ high suitability for emergency water drainage applications also makes them popular with municipalities.

Wacker Neuson’s range of self-priming centrifugal trash pumps provides a rapid solution for efficiently removing water containing solid debris. They are ideal for general dewatering applications, covering virtually any scenario where water extraction is necessary. This line-up includes lightweight, high-performance models like the PT2A, PT3A, and PTS4V, along with heavier-duty options such as the latest addition, the PT6 unit, which was introduced to the local market in mid-2023. Also available from Wacker Neuson is the PST2 400 submersible pump. These pumps are also designed with portability in mind, featuring compact and lightweight designs, as well as ergonomic handles or lifting points for easy transportation and handling on job sites.

Le Roux explains that all the pumps Wacker Neuson provides to the Sub-Saharan region are top-tier, German-engineered products, meticulously designed for premium quality and equipped with essential features for effective water management. However, there was a distinct demand in the mining, quarrying, and agricultural sectors for a durable, cost-effective solution capable of withstanding Africa’s challenging conditions. “Thus, we found the PT6 pump to be an ideal choice. Renowned for its rugged design and competitive pricing, the PT6 is tailored for emerging markets, ensuring efficient and dependable performance in demanding environments.”

Wacker Neuson’s competitive edge in the pump market is centred on four primary differentiating factors – engine and component quality, self-priming functionality, after-market support, and brand reputation. The power units in all the Wacker Neuson pumps offer unparalleled quality and reliability. Additionally, the pumps incorporate high-quality components such as impellors and seals.

Wacker Neuson’s larger trash pumps are fitted with a double / twin-cylinder engine. This makes them super-efficient, super-reliable, and long-lasting with higher capabilities and performance compared to anything else available in the market. “We are one of the very few manufacturers who offer this,” confirms le Roux.

Le Roux describes the self-priming functionality of various Wacker Neuson pumps as a game changer. “It is widely understood that a pump cannot operate with air in the system. Our self-priming pumps address this issue by bypassing air through a valve. This ensures that once in position, the pump can be started immediately and safely, eliminating any risk of damage to its components. By eliminating the time-consuming task of manual priming, these user-friendly pumps are easy to set up and keep productivity levels high.”

The company’s commitment to after-market support further enhances the value proposition for customers. “We are squarely focussed on maintaining high parts and stock availability to minimize downtime, maintaining an 84% to 85% fill rate over a long period, assuring customers of access to essential components whenever needed.”

Regular maintenance goes hand in hand with pump performance, longevity, and reliability. “Never skip a service,” advises le Roux and explains that even the smallest detail such as using the correct oil, can make a huge difference

With a legacy of quality and innovation, Wacker Neuson continues its industry leadership as a specialist supplier of efficient, reliable, and competitively priced pump solutions designed with the end-user in mind. Le Roux concludes: “What sets our pumps apart is not just their superior engineering but their total value offering of high performance, efficiency and uptime, low operational costs, and rapid Return On Investment (ROI). We’re not just selling pumps; we provide water management peace of mind, demonstrating that finding the right partner for effective water management is ‘all it takes’.”

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