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Take Care of Your Water Leaks

By Temo Mpodi

by Tia

Think about this, you are away on holiday for a couple of days, or maybe a month, and there is water leaking in your house, but you are only going to find out when you are back, because you stay alone. Think about the damage that the leaking causes.

The flooring, the house appliances, the ceilings, can all be damaged from this and the odour, is not something to forget. Your finances are also going to be crippled because it’s not something you planned to take care of prior, it’s just an emergency fault. Well, unless you have emergency savings set up. Water leaking can occur through roofs, pipes, bathtubs, showers, zinc and geysers etc. Leak Trace covers that leaks become a bigger problem when they are in less visible places like a tank or pipe.

Be smart when your plumbing construction is being executed in your building and pay close attention to what the plumbers are doing because you want to be part of the process, rather than feeling sorry for yourself later and spending more money to get everything fixed. Make sure you don’t compromise on quality and overlook small things. Quality goes a long way also, rather pay more now and live in comfort.

Sello Mokawane, the Vice-President of Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) has mentioned that with the increase in imports and lack of control at the ports of entry and by municipalities, there has been a notable decline in the quality of plumbing materials in the country. Another thing is to have qualified plumbers take over a project, any plumbing project requires skillful hands that are well trained to correctly do the whole plumbing process perfectly from the foundation, which is the installation.

Plumbing problems show in many signs, but water leakage is the most common. According to Plumb Leak these are the seven most common plumbing problems.

1. Running toilets
2. Low water pressure but often, it is more serious and requires professional attention
3. Dripping taps simple problem to fix and should be done as soon as possible
4. Leaking pipes
5. Leaking hose bib
6. Geyser is not heating fast enough – this is a sign of age or lack of maintenance.
7. Clogged drains

When you encounter a leaking, never think twice, call a plumber right away. Remember to keep your pipes in check. You might find it helpful to install a smart water leak sensor in your home so that it alerts you of any water leaks in your house. Besides that, learn to spot the clues.

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