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Technology is revolutionising coatings

by Media Xpose

Forget smartphones or missions to space, because some of the biggest strides in technological innovation are being made in… paint! Granted, on the surface of things, adding silver to a paint formulation to combat algae and mould may not seem as sexy as charting a rocket to a distant planet, but a healthier, cleaner home is an everyday gain that makes a big difference in the daily quality of life for people here on earth. Once you’ve read this, you’ll never look at an ordinary can of paint the same way again…

So, just how have coatings changed with the times, thanks to technology? Ongoing research and development on the part of paint manufacturers has generated revolutionary advancements. Paint no longer merely adds colour to your interior or protects the exterior from the elements; now, paint can also help you breathe more easily, or help you harvest rainwater safely.

One paint manufacturer, Plascon, is deeply invested in the continuous improvement of its products through technology, and has pioneered the way on several fronts. Its range is carefully developed and thoroughly tested in a research laboratory situated at the company’s Research and Development Centre. The company also benefits from global insights and advances via its parent company, Kansai Paint, which is one of the world’s largest, with interests in Japan, India and Africa.

Says Plascon Head of Marketing, Suvasin Moodley: “Plascon has continuously reinvented its coatings over a period of 130 years. We remain at the forefront of innovation due to cutting-edge technological development. Over many decades, we’ve launched numerous trademarked technologies and special additives into the South African market. We’ve done this not only to improve our customer experience, but also because the new technologies are better for both people and the planet!”

Plascon premium range winning hearts and minds of consumers for decades

The Plascon premium range has won the hearts and minds of consumers for decades. Plascon Cashmere, Plascon Double Velvet Pure and Plascon Kitchens and Bathrooms are all formulated with the company’s Silver Protect™ silver additives. These additives help keep walls cleaner for longer, improve stain resistance and have also proven effective in reducing mould and algae formation.

Paint with virtually no odour

The range also used Breatheasy™ technology so that consumers can paint with virtually no odour. This means that the short-term adverse effects of eye, nose and throat irritation and headaches that often result from breathing in paint vapours are drastically minimised. With no lead and zero VOCs, this means consumers are not only protecting the health of their families, but the environment, too.

Dispersion of light

Plascon Cashmere features Triple Action Bead™ technology, a special additive in the paint responsible for the dispersion of light. This technology allows a plush matt finish which can hide plaster imperfections in the wall while bringing to life warm colours and forming a protective barrier that maintains an absolute matt finish over time, even with regular wiping.

UV protection and infrared reflective technology

Plascon Nuroof Cool has a unique Enviroshield™ formulation with UV protection and infrared reflective technology. The formulation minimises the effect of the sun’s heat on your roof, resulting in cooler roof surfaces. Lower roof temperatures mean less stress and strain on the coating and the roof – promoting longer roof life, keeping your roof beautiful for years. It also cools the interior of your home by up to 8°C during summer (winter impact of cooling effect is minimised). This can lead to power and cost savings by reducing the need for cooling while also reducing emissions of greenhouse gases due to lower power requirements.

Water-based alternatives

Leading the field in water-based alternatives to solvent-based enamels, Plascon Velvaglo is prized for its superior strength, satin finish, and versatility. Formulated with a unique water-based acrylic hybrid called AquatoughTM, Plascon Velvaglo Water-Based offers all the toughness of a solvent-based enamel including UV, flaking and stain resistance, with non-drip properties while remaining environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Long-lasting, extra protection

Plascon Micatex with Weathertough™ is a well-loved, finely textured, exterior matt paint for long-lasting, extra protection against the toughest weather conditions and the wear and tear of everyday living. Now, it comes with Polycell™ Polyfilla Fine Crack Filler, which covers hairline cracks and prevents water from entering through the cracks which can cause damp problems, premature colour fading or cracking and peeling of the paint. With twice the film thickness compared to conventional paints, Plascon Micatex also boasts mica for stretch and marble for strength.

Air purifying technology

Plascon has pioneered a first for the South African market: A paint with Air Purifying Technology. Plascon Double Velvet Pure can actively improve the quality of indoor air by removing Formaldehyde from the air that you breathe, making your home and workspace a safer environment for you, your co-workers and family. A special compound in the formula removes and permanently transforms the formaldehyde in the air into undetectable, harmless water vapour, which is safe for breathing. 

In keeping with its commitment to innovation, Plascon has also launched major upgrades to two of beloved brands: Plascon Micatex, now with Polycell Technology, and Plascon Double Velvet Pure, now with Air Purifying Technology.

Did you have any idea that paint could do all that? It’s incredible to think about what’s already available and to imagine what technological advances will be made by brands like Plascon in years to come!


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