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Urgent Energy Conference

by Justin

Son SA, with various key role players in South Africa, took the initiative by hosting an urgent Energy Conference on Wednesday, 8 March. The objective of this conference is to analyse existing challenges and to find practical outcomes and solutions. We want to learn lessons from people and companies who have tried and tested alternative solutions to offer solutions for those who have not experimented yet. Loadshedding, the challenges and impact it has, will not be solved soon. The only option is to look for alternative solutions and to take the right decisions the first time.

“Our initiative investigates the needs and solutions to alternative energy supply. It reaches out to agricultural and other organisations, suppliers and industry bodies to highlight the best possible outcomes”..Juan Tomlinson CEO Son Sa.

Funding will ensure sustainable development for our renewable industry.  An energy crisis in South Africa has led farmers to consider switching to renewable energy in a bid to keep the lights on and pumps running.  Farmers and food processors have been dealing with up to eight hours a day without electricity, leading to the culling of poultry, the waste of fresh milk and the inability to irrigate crops. We derive roughly half of our farming income from the farms that are heavy users of power. Alternative energy solutions will be pivotal to achieve sustainable development growth that aims to reduce unemployment and poverty. When addressed properly, it can guarantee food security and prosperity for our country and all citizens who live in it.

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