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Wind down into muted tranquillity – this winter’s favourite interior colours are soft and soothing

by Tia

While the zeitgeist is said to be the cultural climate of an era, colour has an uncanny ability to reflect how people think and feel, and showcase climatic conditions. Think Grecian seaside villages coated in scintillating white and Aegean blue as a case in point, and how everyone turned to greys in the 2009 global recession; one is about the weather and the other weathering a massive social and commercial crisis.

This winter in South Africa, there is a move to slow down and find solace in meaningful moments with a harmonious palette of smooth transitional colours. Considering the pace at which the world is moving and the increasing political uncertainty in many countries, this mood is likely to last a good while.

In response, Plascon has released a soothing, slightly subdued winter colour palette dubbed Eternal. The complete palette comprises an array of colours where attention-grabbing brights are conspicuously absent. The key to using this palette is to craft colour combinations with different rooms and moods in mind.

Take a moment to reflect with a palette of dusky hues and romantic shades. Relax and unwind with a hazy duo of Grey Archo (P1-E1-3) and Fragrant Flower (B7-D1-4) in bedrooms, and admire the striking beauty of deep Terra Nova (R6-D1-2) in hallways. Grey Archo (P1-E1-3) brings a touch of elegance to warm neutral Ravine (62) in intimate spaces.

Reassuring and quiet, a delicate pair of ethereal purples, Cloud Number Nine (B6-A2-3) and

Smoke Bush (P4-E2-3), together with the gentle warmth of Wilted Leaf (31) and Stuffing (36), are designed for tranquillity. From calming nurseries to relaxed living rooms and kitchens, this palette will soothe your spirit and create a serene escape.

As another option, ethereal Cloud Number Nine (B6-A2-3) and wistful Smoke Bush (P4-

E2-3) shift into a duo of dusky, muted purples with Fragrant Flower (B7-D1-4) and Grey Archo (P1-E1-3).

A trio of warm neutrals, Ravine (62), Wilted Leaf (31) and Stuffing (36), bring calm and

comfort. The addition of deeply shaded red Terra Nova (R6-D1-2) acts as a grounding anchor in this palette designed for reflection and reassurance.

If the desire to create a space with a sedate yet sophisticated liveliness that will make you feel relaxed and nurtured without being lethargic, turn to this winter’s Eternal colour set.

For free advice on how to use the Winter Palette 2024, or any other Plascon colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: ColourAdvice@kansaiplascon.co.za

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