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Windaba 2024 – Building Resilience Through Wind

by Tia

Sustainable development transcends mere theory; it’s a rallying cry and it embodies the essence of this year’s Windaba Conference and Exhibition 2024, under the theme: “Building Resilience Through Wind Power.”

Building on last year’s theme: ‘Beyond the Turbines,’ Windaba 2024 stands firm in its commitment to delving deeper into how the wind energy sector can spearhead the movement towards a sustainable future for generations to come. Our overarching theme reinforces the critical need to rethink our approaches, invest in innovative practices and eco-friendly technologies and solutions, as well as cultivate partnerships that facilitate substantial change.

Taking place from 1 to 3 October 2024 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), Windaba is hosted by the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA). Windaba 2024 serves as a vital platform for industry leaders, policymakers, investors and innovators to come together and chart a course towards a low-carbon future powered by wind energy. 

Based on its many benefits, wind energy remains crucial to the sustainable transition to clean energy. At Windaba 2024, key themes and discussions will revolve around a multifaceted sustainability approach from a global and continental perspective. 

Africa is seen as an attractive investment destination for the development of wind energy projects – with South Africa still leading the continent and accounting for 30% of the region’s wind energy installed capacity and development pipeline. 

Windaba 2024 will explore novel models of collaboration across sectors to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources. It will also highlight investments in disruptive practices and green technologies to drive innovation and align with broader sustainability goals such as the COP28 goal of tripling renewable energy by 2030 and driving the expected average global temperature increase to below 1.50C. These models of collaboration will present investment opportunities aimed at advancing the wind energy sector.

Moreover, Windaba 2024 will examine the pivotal role the private sector plays in fostering development. It will scrutinise how private sector investments can drive sustainable development, addressing pressing global challenges such as climate change and energy access.

Windaba 2024 will feature a range of keynote presentations, panel discussions, technical sessions and networking opportunities designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration and business development within the wind energy sector.

Each year, the conference attracts more than 600 conference delegates and industry exhibitors. It remains committed to furnishing the latest and most pertinent information from the wind sector to facilitate informed strategic decision-making.

For more information and to register, please visit https://www.windaba.co.za

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