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Packaging industry trends highlighted at Propak Cape seminars

by Maurisha

Local industry leaders at the forefront of the South African packaging industry will gather at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) at Propak Cape, taking place from 24-26 October. This highly respected innovative packaging solutions trade expo will showcase the latest industry trends across the packaging, food processing, plastics, printing, labelling and related industries.

The events’ daily programme of seminars will highlight the latest global trends and how the SA market can take advantage of these developments.

Some of the speakers at the Propak Cape free-to-attend seminars include:

Johan van Wyk, Sales and Marketing Director at Fang, will speak about the rapidly evolving landscape of the packaging industry, and how the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force in enhancing electronic security. This presentation delves into the intersection of AI and security in the packaging sector, spotlighting how AI-driven solutions are revolutionizing traditional security measures. From real-time threat detection to predictive analytics, attendees will explore how AI-powered sentry systems are not only bolstering the safeguarding of packaged goods but also optimizing operational efficiency. By unravelling the synergies between AI and electronic security, this presentation offers insights into intelligent systems, ensuring the integrity and safety of people, products and processes.

By attending the seminar presented by Volker Ditscher, Director Global Sales Track & Trace at WIPOTEC-OCS, you will discover how manufacturers and retailers will benefit from using GS1 2D codes. What is the status of the global development towards GS1 2D codes in retail? Where are the obstacles and difficulties? And how can I avoid running into unexpected challenges along the way? These questions, and many others, will be addressed during his presentation. As both producers and retailers put more and more focus on this migration, they are looking into practical approaches to solutions. The introduction of serialization in the healthcare industry is a reasonable case for comparison. Many mistakes have already been made there and experience gained from which we can learn today.

Don’t miss the seminar session with Masale Manoko, Sustainability Manager, Southern Africa at Tetra Pak, to hear more about Tetra Pak’s exciting vision for the circular economy in South Africa with a focus on recycling and how they can assist food manufacturers in reaching their sustainability objectives. The session will cover the role of Tetra Pak in the creation of the first voluntary EPR system in South Africa

and the opportunities it brings to the producers; Tetra Pak’s existing and upcoming investments in recycling; and inspirations on industry collaboration and how they can support you.

Looking at ways to enhance environmental and financial sustainability in the energy-intensive Packaging Industry, Adam Bekker, Managing Director at Capital Box Green Energy Finance/Broadreach Energy explores what sustainable solutions could be implemented in your business to reduce both your carbon footprint, and your electricity bill.

Also speaking are Melika Seiderer, General Sales Manager for Ishida South Africa with her topic ‘Automation from Farm to fork – the X-factor to your success in the Agrobusiness / Food Industry’, and Don MacFarlane, Packaging Senior at Woolworths South Africa who will talk about designing and developing

packaging differently from both a legislative as well as sustainability perspective, as well as other engaging speakers. The full seminar programme* is accessible on the Propak Cape website.

Leading industry suppliers and service providers

Ready to share their industry and technical knowledge, just under 200 exhibitors will be showcasing their latest machinery, equipment, products, and services at Propak Cape.

“Our exhibitors are leading industry suppliers and service providers who will be using this platform to showcase latest front-line technologies, innovative machinery, equipment and raw materials, and the most up to date processing techniques,” says Mark Anderson, Portfolio Director at Specialised Exhibitions, organisers of the show. “Visitors will also have the opportunity to see world-class machinery in action during the live demonstrations, discover solutions for improved efficiency and cost containment, whilst also benefiting from the free-to-attend seminars presented by industry experts.”

Propak Cape is supported by the Institute of Packaging SA (IPSA), Packaging SA, Plastics SA, Printing SA, and the Aerosol Manufacturers Association (AMA). IPSA will be running a one-day high-level Responsible Packaging conference alongside the show on the Wednesday, 25 October. Booking and cost details can be accessed on the Propak Cape website.  

Visitors can register online for free access to the show at www.propakcape.co.za

Specialised Exhibitions is a division of Montgomery Group.

*NB. Seminar programme is subject to change: the Organiser reserves the right to change the programme. 

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