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Hotel Sky – Transforming Cape Town’s City Bowl with Saint- Gobain’s Innovative Drywall Solutions

by Media Xpose

Nestled in one of the most coveted areas of Cape Town, this hotel’s strategic location was a beacon of promise.

Overlooking the City Bowl, the site presented an opportunity for a landmark transformation. Converting a commercial structure into a hospitality haven required not only vision but also the right construction solutions. Saint-Gobain’s lightweight drywall solutions emerged as the beacon that guided this project to its successful completion.

One of the standout advantages of this transformation was the exceptional views it offered to guests. The City Bowl sprawled below, revealing Cape Town’s charm in all its glory. Saint-Gobain’s drywall systems ensured that guests could savour these panoramic views in a setting designed for comfort, safety, and luxury.

Project challenges

The challenges encountered during this transformation were formidable, but the project team was determined to overcome them.

Foundation cost savings

One of the initial hurdles was the need for durable and lightweight construction materials to save on foundation slab reinforcement costs. Traditional construction materials can be weighty, necessitating robust foundations.

In contrast, Saint-Gobain’s drywall and ceiling system solutions offered a path to overcome this challenge. The decision to use these lightweight solutions not only alleviated the burden on the foundation but also streamlined the entire construction process.

Moisture resistance

Hotels, by nature, incorporate wet areas such as bathrooms. These spaces demanded construction materials with inherent moisture resistance, especially in Cape Town’s humid climate.

Here, Saint-Gobain’s drywall solutions proved indispensable, offering the requisite moisture resistance that ensured the long-term structural integrity and aesthetics of the hotel’s interiors.

Fire safety compliance

Safety is paramount in the hospitality industry. The South African National Standard (SANS) 10400-Part T Fire Legislation mandates a 1-hour fire rating between rooms for guest safety. Meeting this stringent requirement demanded non-combustible materials.

Saint-Gobain’s Gyproc and Isover systems were not only non-combustible but had been rigorously tested and approved to meet SANS 10177-Part 5 standards, ensuring the highest level of safety for guests and the hotel’s management.

Project Info
Building size: 540 rooms, 29 storeys
Developer: Zenprop & Richland Properties
Architect: Noero Architects (initial design), Vivid Architects (implementation)
Main contractor: WBHO
Drywall contractor: Dracon, Ceilwall & Scheltema, Esomoene Ceilings & Partitions
Quantity Surveyor: MLC Quantity Surveyors
Project manager: Planning Connection Project Management cc

Project solutions

Saint-Gobain’s drywall solutions were critical for the project’s success. Here’s a closer look at the key solutions and products that played a pivotal role:

Acoustic Comfort Ceilings and Walls: In the vibrant heart of Cape Town, minimizing unwanted external and inter-room sounds was paramount for guest comfort. Saint-Gobain’s drywall systems featured acoustic comfort ceilings and walls, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere within the hotel.

Thermal Comfort Ceilings and Walls: Maintaining an energy-efficient indoor temperature was essential for guest comfort and operational efficiency. Saint-Gobain’s thermal comfort ceilings and walls facilitated precise temperature control, enhancing the comfort of the hotel’s guests while optimizing energy consumption.

Lightweight solutions: The project team recognized the importance of minimizing waste management and foundation costs for the building. Saint-Gobain’s drywall solutions proved to be not only lightweight but also highly efficient, resulting in considerable cost savings and a more expedited construction process.

Dry Build solutions: Cape Town’s water resources are precious, and every effort to conserve water is crucial. By employing dry build solutions, Saint-Gobain’s approach not only minimized water consumption during construction but also aligned with sustainable practices and local resource management initiatives.

Products used

The walls were constructed using RhinoBoard® FireStop® dB plasterboard and RhinoBoard® MoistureResistant plasterboard, supported by a Gypframe® UltraSTEEL® stud and track system. This combination not only met fire safety and moisture resistance requirements but also contributed to the hotel’s overall aesthetic appeal.

The drywall system received its finishing touch with the application of the luxurious RhinoLite® CreteStone® skimmed plaster finish. This resulted in smooth and visually appealing walls that enhanced the ambiance of the hotel.

To provide guests with a comfortable and quiet stay, Cavitybatt™ glasswool acoustic and thermal insulation was installed within the drywall system. This insulation not only helped regulate temperature but also added an extra layer of acoustic protection, ensuring that guests enjoyed a peaceful environment.

Role of construction materials and solutions cannot be overstated

In the realm of hospitality, where every guest’s experience is paramount, the role of construction materials and solutions cannot be overstated. Saint-Gobain takes immense pride in its contribution towards realizing the grand vision of Hotel Sky, where the goal is to ensure that every guest and visitor embarks on an unforgettable and extraordinary journey.

One of the cornerstones of this transformation was the satisfaction of the implementation architects. Saint-Gobain’s commitment to excellence in system and service delivery on-site left the architects highly impressed. This level of satisfaction speaks volumes about the effectiveness and reliability of Saint-Gobain’s solutions in translating architectural visions into reality.

Furthermore, the project embraced the principles of Lightweight and Sustainable Construction, aligning with the growing emphasis on eco-conscious building practices. Saint-Gobain’s dedication to sustainability dovetailed seamlessly with the project’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Critical aspects

In its quest to enhance the experience of guests and employees at Hotel Sky, Saint-Gobain addressed several critical aspects:

Acoustic efficiency: Saint-Gobain’s expertise in creating optimal acoustic environments was brought to bear through a best-practice dry walling system. With a global reputation for delivering solutions that align perfectly with architects’ specifications, Saint-Gobain ensured that every space within the hotel resonates with tranquillity and comfort.

Visual appeal: Recognizing the role of aesthetics in captivating guests, Saint-Gobain’s contribution to the hotel’s mission of providing beautiful decor and ultimate guest comfort was invaluable. The Gyproc Gyptone™ BIG Line 6 ceiling system, specified for the foyer area, welcomes guests with an element of visual splendour, setting the tone for an enchanting stay.

Climate control & environment: Hotel Sky’s commitment to providing impeccable indoor air quality was supported by Saint-Gobain’s choice of moisture performance boards for ceilings and bathroom walls. These boards not only ensure a mould-free environment but also contribute to a climate-controlled ambiance, where guests can breathe easy.

Safety: Last but certainly not least, Saint-Gobain’s solutions met and exceeded the stringent fire legislation requirements, underscoring the commitment to guest safety. In a world where safety is paramount, this achievement provides guests with peace of mind, knowing that their well-being is a top priority.

Elevating the guest experience to unparalleled heights

Saint-Gobain’s collaboration with Hotel Sky has been instrumental in elevating the guest experience to unparalleled heights. By addressing critical aspects such as acoustics, aesthetics, environmental responsibility, and safety, Saint-Gobain has not only met but exceeded the expectations of this visionary project.

Hotel Sky stands as a testament to the synergy between innovative construction solutions and the pursuit of extraordinary guest experiences, and Saint-Gobain takes pride in having played a vital role in this inspiring journey.

As Cape Town continues to evolve as a vibrant destination for both business and leisure travellers, this project stands as a testament to how innovative construction materials can breathe new life into existing spaces, creating modern, functional, and inviting environments.

Saint-Gobain’s unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the construction industry has left an indelible mark on Cape Town’s skyline, ensuring that guests who visit the hotel in the City Bowl experience nothing less than excellence in every aspect of their stay.

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