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Your deck is an outdoor living room that should add space and convenience to any exterior without any extra effort. But just as you would clean and care for your interiors, you still need to clean and care for your deck to keep it looking good, and safe, for years to come.

If you have installed the innovative, low-maintenance boards from Eva-Last’s range of eco-friendly bamboo composite decking, you needn’t worry about constantly treating the surface to prevent deterioration from damp, or rot or mould, discolouration from the sun, or even splintering for that matter! 

Here are five top tips to keep your composite deck in tip-top shape:

  1. Monthly mop – Eva-Last bamboo composites make it easy to forget to clean them, as they are so resilient to the elements. But it’s important to remove any excess dirt and debris that builds up over time. A monthly clean with a hard bristle brush or broom and soapy water – brushing in the direction of the wood grain – and then rinse, will remove any grit or grime in an instant. For stubborn stains or marks, use Eva-Last’s specialised deck wash and avoid harsh household cleaning agents that may damage your deck’s surface and nullify your warranty.
  1. Weather or not – of course you’ve selected a range best suited for optimal performance in your local weather conditions – be it sunshine, shade or snow. Remove any snow build-up on your platform with a rounded or bevelled shovel to reduce the chance of slips and falls that could compromise your safety. Eva-Last composite decks are made from recycled plastic mixed with flexible bamboo fibres, giving you a waterproof and slip resistant platform to safely enjoy the great outdoors. What’s more, Eva-Last composite is insect-resistant so not appealing as snack foods like wood is for termites – so no need for harmful, smelly treatment chemicals or costly board replacements.
  1. Expansion and contraction – It’s a fact that you should have been told about this very important concept BEFORE you built your deck, but in case you weren’t, it’s important to check whether your deck is installed with adequate expansion gaps to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the deck boards in the heat or cold. A faulty installation can lead to warping or lifting, cracks and instability, compromising the safety of the structure. All Eva-Last decks should be installed using HULK fasteners and accessories, specifically designed to allow expansion and contraction, and to last as long as your deck does.
  1. Rearrange the furniture – occasionally redecorate and move furniture around to avoid differential weathering (more wear patterns in one spot over another) or pressure points developing. Constant contact with inadvertently corrosive materials such as plastic caster wheels or stool tips may also affect the deck’s cap, causing it to mark, similar to exposure to abrasive cleaning compounds.
  2. A hefty decision – another critical consideration that you need to bear in mind when selecting your deck is the amount of weight – or traffic – your deck will need to carry. This is a hefty decision with consequences affecting long term performance and safety. A good rule of thumb to go by is the greater the area, the stronger the load-bearing capacity required of the composite. Eva-Last’s glass-fibre reinforced range, Pioneer and Apex Plus, is ideal for extended spans such as elevated walkways or expansive viewing decks where added structural support would be necessary. Installation of breaker boards assist with the expansion and contraction of the boards and add dimensional stability in slightly larger areas but be sure to consult an expert installer for advice.    

With these tips and Eva-Last’s comprehensive range of highly engineered composite, you’ll always have a deck in tip-top condition. For more information on Eva-Last’s range of bamboo composite building products, visit www.eva-last.com

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